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About Tan on the Go  

Mobile spray tanning provides a great way for clients to bring the salon to them, thus saving time and travel.  With today's hectic pace and a struggle for quality family time, it is sometimes difficult to find time to tan.  Tan on the Go Mobile Tanning, located right here in the beaches area, offers a mobile tanning service that will apply a professional tan, lasting over a week.  We offer our professional service in the privacy, comfort and discretion of your home or location.

Approved by the FDA, along with the American Academy of Dermatologists, The Skin Cancer Foundation and The American Medical Association, spray tanning is one of the safest and healthiest ways to tan.  You look thinner, feel sexier; it disguises cellulite, stretch marks, blemishes and imperfections.  If you don’t have the time to visit the tanning salon, you can still have a great looking tan without the harmful UV rays.  The negative press of UV and SUN tanning and the general public’s increasing desire to look their best has launched what is to be the biggest trend to have hit the beauty industry.  Spray tanning is the latest form of tanning and has increased in popularity thanks to the enthusiastic response of Hollywood celebrities.  Many Hollywood celebrities and models are absolutely hooked on spray tanning and have added “Star Approval” to this hot new trend. And now it is available TO YOU!

Patty Crosby~News Anchor~First Coast News (PCROSBY@wtlv.gannett.com)
"Sorry I’ve taken so long to get back with you. But, I’m really not supposed to do anything formal to endorse any product. But, you can always tell someone that I did it for Dancing with the Stars and that they can e-mail me and ask me Person to person what I thought! " ~ Patty Crosby~

Applied with a handheld spray gun, the natural sunless tanning solution is sprayed on as a light mist.  In just 10 minutes you can have a safe and beautiful tan, achieving the same results as 10 days in the sun, without the aging effects. The result is a non-patchy, non-streaky, odorless and orange free superior tan.  The process is formulated to work with the body’s chemistry (amino acids, proteins and temperature) to darken the skin and then fade gradually over time.  A sugar beet derivative oxidizes the skin in much the same way that a peeled apple browns when exposed to the air.  The mixing of sugar, natural acids  from the body and temperature is what causes the transformation to take place.  The tanning process continually develops from 2-24 hours and can last one week 7-10 days with proper moisturizing.
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