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Tan On The Go Girl

Suni Parks~(suniparks@aol.com, March, 22, 2011)

Princess Testimonial
"Thanks Mark, I love it! My Mom is happy with her results as well. We both wish that we would have known about you before now. I went out with some friends last night and got a lot of compliments. I gave out your card and plan to do that again tonight. Everyone wants to know where I have been. I'm sure you'll hear from me soon!"~Suni Parks~

Princess Mica Ela~(Facebook, Feb. 25, 2011)

Princess Testimonial
"Mark, everything turned out great! i love the tan.. its honestly* the most natural looking tan ive ever had! thank you so much! Polina i know is very satisfied as well!! it was perfect timing because we had a huge event to go to yesterday and as well as today!! I will help you out and advertise for you!!"~Princess Mica Ela~

Jimmy Coco~World renowned "Spray Tanner to the Stars"  (Facebook, Nov. 21, 2010)

Jimmy Coco
"Mark, I am your biggest fan!! Your pose looks better than mine!
I'm glad to see you can Rock the Tan like a real pro!"

                             ~Jimmy Coco~ (commenting on me copying his pose)

Jill Schechter  (Facebook, Feb 2, 2011) jillschechter@hotmail.com)

Jill Scheter Testimonial
"I got such a natural glow from Mark Bonnefin with Tan On The Go you must have him come to the comfort of your own home and make you beautiful and bronze!! He is also super affordable and offers great deals - 2 for 1 through out February!! ~Jill Schechter~


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